Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hii everyone & Hii Teech !!! "con te partiro"  i hate to talk about this.. Teech confirm after I leave you this semester I will miss you, honestly. When my first class i attend your lecture, I was very excited to know you because you are so supporting. You inspired me to me to give my very best in all that I do.Thanks for believing in me and encouraging me. Thanks for teaching me and making learning interesting and not boring.  You make me feel as if you actually care for me and my feelings. Thanks for being the funniest and nicest teacher by far that I’ve had. You make everybody around you laugh and have fun!  Thanks for Thanks for being the best teacher I ever had.

Actually Teech is the smart bald guy I ever met.
You inspired me teech. 
One day, I want to be like you teech smart, clever, stylish, genius, & gorgeous. :D



CON TE PARTIRO.. Hmmmm.. It tooks me almost one and  a half day thought bout it. After read the others' posts ,then, I got a little ideas. haha. So, here I am. While listening to a song, "the day you went away" by M2M (trying getting the mood), I am writing this post. According to Mr. Wikipedia, con te partiro literally means "with you I leave",  is an Italian song famously performed by Andrea Bocelli. Without I realized, time are flying as fast as Bucatti Veyron. We have already come to the end because tomorrow is our LAST CLASS for BEL311 and it also means the time to say ADIOS to our beloved PITBULU TEECHHHH.*tears falling.

As we will letting go of something special, something that we might never have again, I guess all of you knew that feeling. Well hey, there are so much I need to say here.  Let me travel back to the first moment when I read the name of MR AIRIL HAIMI MOHD ADNAN in our timetable. I said to my friends "I think this lect. is handsome and im gonna like his class lahh" (well, girls r like But after two hours of the first class, I felt like I want to' sedut balik ayat tu, kunyah2 and telan'. Miahahaa. Well you did handsome Teech, with that baby face and Jimmy shanley-like face as Anis said, you should be proud of it. MUAHAHAA. But, your lectures gave me "kejutan budaya" at first. WAIT NOT FINISH YET! 

As the time goes by, I started to love your class. Even though you gave a lot of assignments that only have one to four days to finish it, I still felt excited to attend your lectures. Every lectures got  surprises aka assignments. HAHA. In your class, I am who I am. I can be happy, angry, ting-tong, making face and etc. You gave me the feeling just like father and their kids. From my opinion, Teech had teaches us lot, not only writing or BEL311, but also about life.  

Teech, there is only one word for you. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!! 

HEY GUYS, our TEECH is popular meyhhh. See, he is in newspaper seyhh. Hello other classes, KAU ADA???

Con te partiro

Some says con te partiro means "with you i will leave" and some says its "time to say goodbye". For this post, i'll choose time to say goodbye because this is my last post i guess. My first goodbye is for you teech. Thank you for everything that you have been taught us. For me, you are so great in teaching. But sometimes you are so annoying by giving so much works in one time. Sometimes, you ask us to bring this, bring that. But on the other day, you do other work. You make us pissed off dude! We're gonna miss you teech. You're so adorable. Please pray for us to get an A for BEL311. Thank you for everything, may Allah bless you, may have a happy life with your family. Take care and enjoy your life in the future. Goodbye teech. Hope to see you anywhere in Malaysia and hope not to see you again in class. WE LOVE YOU *tangan di bahu mata ke atas. BYEEE!!

XOXO, fatin

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Assalamualaikum… yo minna ! ( hey you allzzz!)
Firstly, want I to say is I HATE this situation right now!. Since I was a little kid, I hate con te partiro!.. I hate this sadist situation. We need to give a last word, make a latter, sing a farewell song, cry together, bla… bla…bla…  and others. Meyh!!!! I hate that! But cannot deny every single part of our life will occur this situation.

Alright! Back to the topic…. First of all I want to say a very- very gratefull THANKS to teech. Thanks giving us very coolest moment these semesters.  Thanks teaching us. Thanks bullying us and other things. I want to apologize especially to teech for all my wrongdoings. Besides that, thank also to all my classmate that always help, work together, support each other and others things. Also, want to wish do the best for the final. Lastly, I hop one day we will meet again. insyaAllah.



Con Te Partiro ♡

I have realised it is time, 

Hello teech and friends, the time has come to say goodbye.
First, thank you so much to teech. Learn Bel311 with teech is a pleasure and meaningful. Teech always give us a good tips on how to improve our knowledge and a new experience that we will never forget. Hell class and Grammar jail is a wonderful moments we have spent together during this semester. Thankyou for all of the memories teech. Im glad to know you teech. And thankyou for the Ice cream, Laskar Pelangi movie. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING TEECH ♡

I want to say thanks to AAC1103B members, thank you because you guys will always be there for me. Wah! Im very appreciate the support and encouragement I have receive from all of you. Thankyou for helping me in my work. Thankyou for all of your ideas on how to correct my assignment. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU ♡
Final exam is just around the corner. So, I wish everyone the best for the final and future.

I want to say thank you to Daniel Mazlan. Thank you for being my partner in Bel assignment. Remember, "The Oldest Profession in the world: Why they choose it?". Tajuk yang cool kan? Sangat cool tau.


(Tak bermaksud nak buat sesiapa sedih, 
kalau termenitis kan airmata lap balik okay. Perlukan sekotak tisu mungkin)
Teech jangan lupakan kitaorang! Kenang kitaorang dalam doamu *amin*

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Give & take !

When speaking of give and take, it takes two parties, or two individuals to do so. Regardless what you are giving. giving means, giving a portion of your personal belongings, sincerely. Whether if its money, clothes, or even a pair shoes or earings. So based on the story of 'laskar pelangi' that was showed by teech on tuesday night, the story is mainly about give and take. but in knowledge. The students take which is receiving knowledge, and the teachers give, which is teaching students knowledge. That what makes the world go round.

SD Muhammadiyah is THE BEST!

SD Muhammadiyah is the best school in the movie, not for me laa hihihi. The school looks very old, i don't want to be in that school haha. Okay enough with jokes, i hope you will laugh reading this even thought i'm the last one posted this hihihi, sorry.  I think SD Muhammadiyah is the best school because of the teachers and students. There is no school in the history that can survive with two teachers and ten students, but SD Muhammadiyah did. Why? Because of the teachers and students are very hardworking. Do you guys get it? You need to be work hard to be the best.

                                                                   Fatin Azmira :)


'Live to give, not to receive', very good words from Pak Harfan for his students. These words mean a lot. And i actually applied this in my life. I love to give, i don't know why but i feel happy when i see people around me happy when the get something. I didn't say that it is bad to receive but it is more better if you can give instead of receive. Learn live to give and you will feel what i feel. Trust me, if everyone in this world live to give, there will be no poor people in this cruel world.

                                                           Fatin Azmira :)

Monday, 9 September 2013

SD MUHAMMADIYAH is more Extraordinary & better compare the other school !

I will explain to you cause why i says that "SD MUHAMMADIYAH is more Extraordinary & better compare the other school !". SD Muhammadiyah is located at the east coast of Sumatera, the Java Sea. Like much of indonesian island, it is a quiet sleepy place, and the film perfectly captures the pace and beuty of the setting. In the first day of the year at a Muhammadiyah elementary school on Belitung. The school needs 10 students but is one short until near the end of the day, when a stranggler fills out the ranks for their teachers, Muslimah and Harfan. In the midst of an effort to maintain the school, they left one of the teachers getting a more attractive offer. The most tragic is when Pak Harfan, the "spirit" that school, died. In the midst of an effort to keep the school, they lose their beloved figure. Are they still able to survive the ordeal by ordeal ? I think SD Muhammadiyah  have courage and spirit strong between their members. It is not possible they can survive on carry on their effort to continue to uphold the dignity of the nation.

-Mohamad Amirudzaki-

Sunday, 8 September 2013


“LIVE AS MUCH AS U CAN GIVE, NOT TO TAKE AS MUCH”.  That quote came from Pak Harfan in “Laskar Pelangi”, who is the principal of SD Muhammadiyah. The words itself portray the meaning of the quote. Yes, it is good and everyone should apply it in their life.  Give as much as u can. There are saying in bm said that “tangan yang memberi lebih baik dari menerima”.  For example, the rich should help the poor. The genius helps the one with poor academic. The stronger helps the weaker.   On the other hand, the receiver should appreciate what they got and not become “naik kepala”.



Surrounding with beautiful scenery and close to nature, SD Muhammadiyah located in Belitung is certainly better than the other school!!  The school has been lead by two inspirational teachers named Miss Muslimah and Pak Harfan who put a great faith in their students. Even though the school not been equipped with fans, concrete walls and other proper facilities to study, but the students still put great effort to come to school every day and received lessons from their teachers. The school that only consist of 10 students and at first we thought have no hope, finally created a history. Miracle right!!         


Rainbow Soldier 3- SD Muhammadiyah is better than the other SD.

Who believe the ugly school that may collapse at anytime is better than a perfect school outside there. Memperkenalkan kepada anda, SD Muhammadiyah.......

This school is about the struggle of teachers Miss Muslimah and ten of the students to defend their school. All of them makes me realise that education are important for us. Even we are poor we must always have a spirit for study and gain more knowledge to achieve our dreams. Ikal, Lintang, Mahar, Harun, Sarah, Kucai and other are poor but they never give up to study. One day their effort in achieve their dream will worth it once it becomes true. 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Give and Take

For me, the meaning of live to give not to take from En. Harfan are very deep words. In this movie we can see that En Harfan give lot of help and sacrifice to the school. We take Muslimah as example live to give not to take. We can see although there are 2 month did not received salaries  but she still keep going and not give up to teaching her student. Besides, she also had very good attitude. She love to teaching and she really want to help the 10 student t get education. For me it is true live is to give and not only to take.  

SD Muhamadiah VS other SD........ the winner is SD Muhammadiah

For me it is true SD Muhammadiah is better than the other SD that is PN Timah. Although SD Muhammadiah school are looks very poor, old and weak but, the school are still alive with the strong spirit of En. Harfan ,the school are still stand by it strength for five years. Besides, although the school are lack of facilities but it full with knowledge and this is the only school that teach more to religious and not only to complete the curriculum. For the other SD, it full facilities and also knowledge but it not more to the religion.
SD MuhammadiahPN Timah

Sunday, 1 September 2013

kecik2 dah gatal

In this movie, Ikal fall in love with a pretty Chinese girl and her name is Ah Ling. She works at the shop where Ikal help his teacher to buy chalks. One day, he saw Ah Ling stunning fingers. 
He falls in love right at that moment when he saw it. Ikal finished all the chalk by giving to Harun because he wants to buy some more to see her fingers.  He is very shy to tell Ah Ling that he already falls in love with her. So, Ikal make a poem everyday and give it to Ah Ling. He expresses his feeling inside it. Luckily, Ah Ling like it and she wrote every single poem that Ikal give into her diary to keep it. 

XOXO, fatin


Mari menyusun seroja

Bunga seroja
A...hiasan sanggul
Remaja putri remaja
Rupa nan elok dimanja
Jangan dimanja
A...pujalah ia o sayang sekejap saja

The song that had been sung by Mahar to Ikal really made me laugh out loud. That song is to heal Ikal’s heart that had broken due to his first love who “left” him. Who is his girl???? Of course A LING!! The girl with the most beautiful fingernails in the world, according to Ikal’s words. Basically, she is beautiful and adorable. The effect of blossoming flowers during their first meeting really made me out of words and laugh out loud.  By the way, Ikal and A Ling look good together during their first date. So sweet. But that is all puppy love. However, the first love still gave the big impact. As he grew up, Ikal still remember about A Ling.

What I Think Of Ikal First Love

The story about Ikal first love is when he does his assignment to buys some chalk in amall shop, he meets his first love, by only just looking her hand. For me, I can't accept this matter, because only looking her hand ikal have falls in love with a Chinese girl, what the fish lah wey. Whereas before he meets the girl, he hates his assignment to buys some chulk. He usually buys some chulk with Syahdan, and from Syahdan he knows the name of the girl, the girl's name is A-Ling, she is the cousin of A-kiong, their classmate. He always sends poems to A-Ling, but he is not longer to know A-Ling because that girl moving to Jakarta, with her aunt. The conclusion, Ikal first love is very important to him, because she give some moral support  to Ikal to study hard to go to the Paris.

125 words

Lintang ting tong teng

My favourite character is Lintang. As we know, Lintang is a good student. We can take his adorable attitude to have great personalities. Firstly, he is greatly disciplined type of person because he always goes to school earlier than his teacher, Bu Muslimah. In addition, he is very clever boy because he is representing SD Muhammadiyyah and he can answer the entire mathematics question as easy as chewing in the “Lomba Cerdas Cermat” competition which they have to fight with other school and they have to answer the questions as many as they can. Other than that, Lintang was also a pious son because when his daddy died, he is willing to not to go to school and take care of his cute younger sister.

XOXO, fatin


Laskar Pelangi”. That title is not a song from Nidji, instead, it is one of the Indonesian box office films. The movie that had been directed by Riri Riza, also known as The Rainbow Troops in English, is a film adapted from same titled novel by Andrea Hirata. Based on the film that had received several awards in 2009, there are many inspired characters had been introduced. The character that attracts me the most is Pak Harfan, casted by Ikranagara. He played role as the principal of SD Muhammadiyah. I am fascinated by his inspired words and fatherly side of him. He puts a great belief in his students. He once said that, “live to give as much as possible, not to receive as much”.

Rainbow Soldier 2

    I think ikal is the most simple boy because he falling in love with A Ling just because A Ling have beautiful nails. Ikal said that A Ling nails is the most beautiful nails in the world that he have seen. He meets his first love when he want to buy some chalk in a small shop. Since he meets A Ling, he always wants to buy some chalk in order to meet his girl. We can see that he is so in love with A Ling sampaikan berjaya mengubah puisi cinta untuk A Ling. One day, A Ling have to move to Jakarta so Ikal is very sad and hopeless at that time. He also feel lonely. “He is bleeding internally, he is dead mentally”. But Ikal never gives up, he get up from his sadness and focus hundred percent on education with support of his friends especially Lintang.

-Nur Umaiyah Aisyah Harun-

Rainbow Soldier


“Menarilah dan terus tertawa,
Walau dunia tak seindah syurga,
Bersyukurlah pada Yang Kuasa,
Cinta kita di dunia selamanya."

    This is lyrics from soundtrack Laskar Pelangi movie. “Liriknya begitu puitis dan indah sehingga dapat menyentuh jiwa setiap individu yang mendengarnya kan kan kan?” The character I like most is......LINTANG. “Lintang adalah watak laskar pelangi yang sangat saya kagumi.” He is the most intelligent student in the rainbow soldier. All of his friends proud of him. For him, study is an entertainment that makes him forget all of his life difficulties. Lintang believe, if he study hard he can change the life of his family. Nasib tidak menyebelahi Lintang because his father died before all of his dreams achieved. So he decide to leaves the school. As a first son he must take care of his little sister. For me he is still a true winner. WIRA SEJATI!

-Nur Umaiyah Aisyah Harun-

My Favorite character in LASKAR PELANGI.....

The most character i really like & Love it is Cikgu Mus ! I absolutely respect with her + love her.. HAHA. I will share some moral value or characteristics from her self to you all. Firstly, Cikgu Mus  a malay woman that has a desire to be a teacher and determine to continue her father's desires. She is a clever teacher that has serve from Muhammadiyah school. She is a kind and friendly  person and she teaches all of the lesson her self. She also charismatic teacher and has a wide view of live. She always reminds her student to pray. She always gives the spirit to her students whose not comfort with the condition of their school, she ensures that what ever the condition of the school, they will be a clever student. She accepts all of her student justthe way they are, she understands the condition of her students. If her stidents do the good things she always gives them praise. & the most importantly to me , to find people like Cikgu Mus today, it's so hard and difficult. To me she is really special, she is very focus on her goal. What a great thing if my wife would like Cikgu Mus.. hohoho. <3 that all teech :P 

-125 words kot-
(gorgeous boy).HAHA. 
*you also gorgeous teech. 

love love love.... ikal's love???

                  What I think about  ikal first love with Ah Ling is, it was funny. Well as we all know love is blind. Well it seem it is very funny when see Ikal’s date with Ah Ling. Ah Ling is older then he and they look cute. But they may be do not have strong bones to be together. One day when Ah Ling left ikal, ikal had broken hard. Ah ling give a box as a Singh to say good bye. Since that day, ikal not balance and his study also are going down. Other than that, ikal is still a kids, he need to be more focus on his study than love. One more, when he grow up, he still remember to Ah Ling.