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Submitted to : Airil Haimi Mohamad Adnan, tutor
Submitted by : Zul & Fatin
Submitted on : July 30th, 2013

Personalities of a Persian Cat
by Mr. Rosnu, M. Z. M. & Ms. Faizi, F. A. K.

Cat is a small animal with four legs that people often keep as a pet. Persian cat is an example. They are very unique as “persian cats are one of the oldest cat breeds known to man” (Bose, 2013, p. 1).  Persian cat is a cat with warm silky hair. This fluffy hair cat is a pedigree cat which its name refers to Persia, the former name of Iran (Helgren, 1998). Nowadays, Persian cats are very famous among the cat breeders and also to the cats’ lover. This pure breed cat is very expensive because of their history and generation. There are several types of personalities of a Persian cat. Persians are loving and loyal companions that bond strongly with their owners, they are very sweet in nature and tend to be quiet, these cats have the soft voices and they seem to enjoy displaying themselves like the fine pieces of living artwork that they are.

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