Wednesday, 18 September 2013


CON TE PARTIRO.. Hmmmm.. It tooks me almost one and  a half day thought bout it. After read the others' posts ,then, I got a little ideas. haha. So, here I am. While listening to a song, "the day you went away" by M2M (trying getting the mood), I am writing this post. According to Mr. Wikipedia, con te partiro literally means "with you I leave",  is an Italian song famously performed by Andrea Bocelli. Without I realized, time are flying as fast as Bucatti Veyron. We have already come to the end because tomorrow is our LAST CLASS for BEL311 and it also means the time to say ADIOS to our beloved PITBULU TEECHHHH.*tears falling.

As we will letting go of something special, something that we might never have again, I guess all of you knew that feeling. Well hey, there are so much I need to say here.  Let me travel back to the first moment when I read the name of MR AIRIL HAIMI MOHD ADNAN in our timetable. I said to my friends "I think this lect. is handsome and im gonna like his class lahh" (well, girls r like But after two hours of the first class, I felt like I want to' sedut balik ayat tu, kunyah2 and telan'. Miahahaa. Well you did handsome Teech, with that baby face and Jimmy shanley-like face as Anis said, you should be proud of it. MUAHAHAA. But, your lectures gave me "kejutan budaya" at first. WAIT NOT FINISH YET! 

As the time goes by, I started to love your class. Even though you gave a lot of assignments that only have one to four days to finish it, I still felt excited to attend your lectures. Every lectures got  surprises aka assignments. HAHA. In your class, I am who I am. I can be happy, angry, ting-tong, making face and etc. You gave me the feeling just like father and their kids. From my opinion, Teech had teaches us lot, not only writing or BEL311, but also about life.  

Teech, there is only one word for you. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!! 

HEY GUYS, our TEECH is popular meyhhh. See, he is in newspaper seyhh. Hello other classes, KAU ADA???

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  1. im heart attack!!!!!!!!! wow!
    you are the SuperStar teech !