Sunday, 1 September 2013

My Favorite character in LASKAR PELANGI.....

The most character i really like & Love it is Cikgu Mus ! I absolutely respect with her + love her.. HAHA. I will share some moral value or characteristics from her self to you all. Firstly, Cikgu Mus  a malay woman that has a desire to be a teacher and determine to continue her father's desires. She is a clever teacher that has serve from Muhammadiyah school. She is a kind and friendly  person and she teaches all of the lesson her self. She also charismatic teacher and has a wide view of live. She always reminds her student to pray. She always gives the spirit to her students whose not comfort with the condition of their school, she ensures that what ever the condition of the school, they will be a clever student. She accepts all of her student justthe way they are, she understands the condition of her students. If her stidents do the good things she always gives them praise. & the most importantly to me , to find people like Cikgu Mus today, it's so hard and difficult. To me she is really special, she is very focus on her goal. What a great thing if my wife would like Cikgu Mus.. hohoho. <3 that all teech :P 

-125 words kot-
(gorgeous boy).HAHA. 
*you also gorgeous teech. 

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