Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lintang ting tong teng

My favourite character is Lintang. As we know, Lintang is a good student. We can take his adorable attitude to have great personalities. Firstly, he is greatly disciplined type of person because he always goes to school earlier than his teacher, Bu Muslimah. In addition, he is very clever boy because he is representing SD Muhammadiyyah and he can answer the entire mathematics question as easy as chewing in the “Lomba Cerdas Cermat” competition which they have to fight with other school and they have to answer the questions as many as they can. Other than that, Lintang was also a pious son because when his daddy died, he is willing to not to go to school and take care of his cute younger sister.

XOXO, fatin

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