Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hii everyone & Hii Teech !!! "con te partiro"  i hate to talk about this.. Teech confirm after I leave you this semester I will miss you, honestly. When my first class i attend your lecture, I was very excited to know you because you are so supporting. You inspired me to me to give my very best in all that I do.Thanks for believing in me and encouraging me. Thanks for teaching me and making learning interesting and not boring.  You make me feel as if you actually care for me and my feelings. Thanks for being the funniest and nicest teacher by far that I’ve had. You make everybody around you laugh and have fun!  Thanks for Thanks for being the best teacher I ever had.

Actually Teech is the smart bald guy I ever met.
You inspired me teech. 
One day, I want to be like you teech smart, clever, stylish, genius, & gorgeous. :D


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  1. you are already like in that picture mirud. there is no denying. haha