Sunday, 1 September 2013

kecik2 dah gatal

In this movie, Ikal fall in love with a pretty Chinese girl and her name is Ah Ling. She works at the shop where Ikal help his teacher to buy chalks. One day, he saw Ah Ling stunning fingers. 
He falls in love right at that moment when he saw it. Ikal finished all the chalk by giving to Harun because he wants to buy some more to see her fingers.  He is very shy to tell Ah Ling that he already falls in love with her. So, Ikal make a poem everyday and give it to Ah Ling. He expresses his feeling inside it. Luckily, Ah Ling like it and she wrote every single poem that Ikal give into her diary to keep it. 

XOXO, fatin

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