Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rainbow Soldier 2

    I think ikal is the most simple boy because he falling in love with A Ling just because A Ling have beautiful nails. Ikal said that A Ling nails is the most beautiful nails in the world that he have seen. He meets his first love when he want to buy some chalk in a small shop. Since he meets A Ling, he always wants to buy some chalk in order to meet his girl. We can see that he is so in love with A Ling sampaikan berjaya mengubah puisi cinta untuk A Ling. One day, A Ling have to move to Jakarta so Ikal is very sad and hopeless at that time. He also feel lonely. “He is bleeding internally, he is dead mentally”. But Ikal never gives up, he get up from his sadness and focus hundred percent on education with support of his friends especially Lintang.

-Nur Umaiyah Aisyah Harun-

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