Sunday, 1 September 2013

What I Think Of Ikal First Love

The story about Ikal first love is when he does his assignment to buys some chalk in amall shop, he meets his first love, by only just looking her hand. For me, I can't accept this matter, because only looking her hand ikal have falls in love with a Chinese girl, what the fish lah wey. Whereas before he meets the girl, he hates his assignment to buys some chulk. He usually buys some chulk with Syahdan, and from Syahdan he knows the name of the girl, the girl's name is A-Ling, she is the cousin of A-kiong, their classmate. He always sends poems to A-Ling, but he is not longer to know A-Ling because that girl moving to Jakarta, with her aunt. The conclusion, Ikal first love is very important to him, because she give some moral support  to Ikal to study hard to go to the Paris.

125 words

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